Project Updates

Our application to become foster parents has been approved! To be honest, in the current state of things, it feels a little anti-climatic. We are supposed to start with respite care, then move to long term care, but with T’s medications and the current mandates, I don’t think we are able to do respite care. So… Not really sure what it will look like. We are supposed to find out more details this week from the Y for how on-boarding will look, etc.

This weekend, we also kicked ass on projects. If you recall, the back of our backyard used to be all blackberries. We cut those down last year, but the whole area was still full of sharp stems. So a couple weekends ago, we did a final raking. And then this weekend, we took T’s small rototiller and rototilled the whole area. Then, we finally pulled down the chicken wire fence we put up a year ago to protect Spike (our little dog) from getting hurt. We still need to get rid of some of the pile of sticks (our yard waste is full-full-full), and we need to go over it again with a bigger rototiller. My dad’s neighbor is going to let us borrow his at some point.

Plus, months ago, we had built a railing in the nook on the landing by the stairs to bring the house to code for fostering (and safety). This weekend, we finally stained it and finished it with polyurethane. Four coats of poly! But it looks amazing, and it is done.

When we moved in, we also removed the door from the doorway to the nook because we are not using that space as a bedroom, but living space. We wanted it to feel open. However, the cutouts in the frame for the hinges and latch were still there and ugly. I had the bright idea to fill them in with shims and paint stir sticks (cut to the correct length), which were the perfect thickness. So now they’re filled with wood, and the gaps are filled with latex putty. After we sand and paint, you will not be able to tell the frame was missing anything. You can barely tell now. (Although, that says more about the state of all our trim — another project for the future is to repaint all the trim.)

All that, plus our normal chores and cooking for the week. That’s the one thing COVID-19 is doing for us — giving us the time to finish up our projects.

Sexual Failure, Esquire.

I just found this draft in my posts.  I mean, there was no post written, just the title.  But the title is epic, so I’m keeping it, even though it’s entirely inaccurate.  And has nothing to do with anything I’m going to write about.

I’m learning how to do dental billing at work.  I’m also looking forward to learning how to do insurance billing.  I like learning new things, and I like the specificity of this type of billing.

Things are still going well with T.  Too well, perhaps.  Can something that goes so smoothly last?  Also, there’s so much physical chemistry that I worry we’ll decide there’s nothing there but sex.  However, we spend a fair amount of time just talking and doing other things together, so I think that is a false fear.  I’m obviously just worried about things in general because it’s new and going well and I like her.

Okay, it’s bedtime. I’ve had too many late nights, and daylight savings did not help.

election night rambles

It’s election night, and I’m drinking to buffer the horribleness that is currently happening.

The last time I was this buzzed/drunk (I am a lightweight, after all), was when I was seeing LM and we had drunk sex one night because she wanted to (it was good; she was right).  So being buzzed/on my way to drunk makes me think of her. What a doomed situation she was.

But I’ve been talking to this girl who reminds me of her–not in essentials, but in outward appearances.  I’m not sure what I’m saying right now.  There’s a lot of anxiety and booze in my system, so things are fuzzy.

I will regret this post.

This new girls lives too far away.  I met her the summer I came out. I was wearing a cat shirt the first time I went to our lesbian bar, and her friend came up and flirted with me. But her friend turned out to have no personality once I was sober.  I remember her, though. And she remembers me.  And we may actually go on a date one of these days.  She’s on the butch side of things, which makes me happy.  But I don’t know how it would work.  I suppose since we’ve never even gone on one date, I am getting ahead of myself. We’re going to have a phone call tomorrow.  I’ve definitely thought about getting her in bed. She’s hot.

So much regret–not yet. In the future.  We’re texting, so I’m texting her half drunk, which is a horrible idea, but I can’t stop myself.

Damn election.

I want to puke. Not from booze. From the election. Goddamn it.

tattoo dream

A frequently odd part of my dreams is that I will have a dream reality that is a surprise to me in the dream–by that I mean, there has been a passage of time that included certain actions for which I have no memory, but I obviously can see the effects in the dream.  Last night I dreamt about getting work done on a tattoo that I didn’t know I had.

The tattoo itself was of animals…  There was a giraffe on my back that went up my neck.  In fact, the giraffe’s neck was on my neck and the head was positioned behind my ear, almost nuzzling me.  There were other animals, too, but the giraffe was what made the biggest impression (mostly because I had no memory of getting it).

I was at a home studio with my artist (my real-life artist), and I had to find shorts to wear, since I had also forgotten about my appointment and showed up in jeans.  (How did I show up to an appointment I forgot about?  And if the tattoo was on my back, why did it matter what pants I had on?)  Oddly,  real life friend of mine must have lived there in the dream and she let me borrow her shorts.  They were tiny, athletic style, and hot pink.  Um.  Yeah.

I may have ass grazed my artist twice in the dream–both times by accident (perhaps) and both times profusely apologized for.  Granted, my artist is super hot .  But still.

All of that to say, today I set up my next appointment for my real life tattoo in real life.  In a couple Tuesdays, I should be getting my Hogwarts Crest finished, which is on my leg, for which I will wear shorts (albeit not tiny or hot pink).  I’m super excited.