T and I signed up to take a fostering orientation in October, after the wedding.  We’ve talked about having kids, but I’ve always wanted to foster or adopt, and anyway, with our ages and finances, having our own kid is not really an option.  We’re both very aware that fostering is super hard shit, which is why I want us to get started on the learning aspects of it.  After the orientation, there’s a 27 hour training, as well.  Not that I think that’s quite enough, but, again, we’re just starting.

I’m not sure we’re ready for kids, but is anyone?  My biggest concern about having kids around in general is that I want us to be more financially stable, which in about a year, we should be (we’re probably fine, but I like to have a lot of cushion).  As for fostering, I just worry that we won’t be prepared.  Those kids come with a lot of baggage, and none of it is going to go away quickly.  I don’t want to be a disaster story.  But I also want to be able to offer a home to kids who need one.  And that is why I want us to get started on the process.

I’m hoping that we’ll be more sure of where we want to live at that point, as well.  I certainly don’t want to be renting where we are for forever (although, buying a house may not be an option any time soon).  But that’s yet another big decision.