tattoo dream

A frequently odd part of my dreams is that I will have a dream reality that is a surprise to me in the dream–by that I mean, there has been a passage of time that included certain actions for which I have no memory, but I obviously can see the effects in the dream.  Last night I dreamt about getting work done on a tattoo that I didn’t know I had.

The tattoo itself was of animals…  There was a giraffe on my back that went up my neck.  In fact, the giraffe’s neck was on my neck and the head was positioned behind my ear, almost nuzzling me.  There were other animals, too, but the giraffe was what made the biggest impression (mostly because I had no memory of getting it).

I was at a home studio with my artist (my real-life artist), and I had to find shorts to wear, since I had also forgotten about my appointment and showed up in jeans.  (How did I show up to an appointment I forgot about?  And if the tattoo was on my back, why did it matter what pants I had on?)  Oddly,  real life friend of mine must have lived there in the dream and she let me borrow her shorts.  They were tiny, athletic style, and hot pink.  Um.  Yeah.

I may have ass grazed my artist twice in the dream–both times by accident (perhaps) and both times profusely apologized for.  Granted, my artist is super hot .  But still.

All of that to say, today I set up my next appointment for my real life tattoo in real life.  In a couple Tuesdays, I should be getting my Hogwarts Crest finished, which is on my leg, for which I will wear shorts (albeit not tiny or hot pink).  I’m super excited.