Fuck you, America.

So that just happened.  My country just voted the most hateful, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, misogynistic person into the oval office.  Thanks for the message, America. We get it: you don’t like us.  Fuck you.

What will this mean for the next four years?  What are going to happen to civil rights, freedoms, and liberties for those who aren’t straight cis white men?  I have no sympathy for those who voted for him, only for the rest of us who now can’t conceive what it means to be the country we’re living in.  Land of the free?  Home of the brave?  Bitch, please.

Telling me I live in a blue state is not helpful.  I’m not only scared for myself.  I know that this is bigger than me and my state, and I’m scared for those living in states where it was already dangerous to be who they were by birth.  It’s not going to get better.

And in a global sense: have you considered him learning national secrets?  Meeting other world leaders?  Being the head of the military?

I said since he first ran that we needed to take him seriously.  I am a small fish in a big ocean.  Not even my friends or family would take the threat seriously–they did not vote for him, but they never thought he’d make it in.  But he broke every rule, and now look.

The worst part is that America voted him in.  America voted him in.  Over half of voters were willing to stand behind the worst man for the job, to vote him in, because overwhelmingly straight cis white men they were, they don’t stand to lose anything.  Fuck you all.

2 thoughts on “Fuck you, America.

  1. I’m scared for you, even in the state you live in. There’s a lot of red outside of the urban areas:(. I got very angry before the state was called. I’m sorry this is is happening.


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